CM Hunnies DVD #50 Featuring Yum Thee Boss

ChocolateModels, Implied Nude, Dance (Ass Shaking & Stripping), Length 1 Hour 20 Minutes, DVD Disc (16:9 Widescreen)
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CM Hunnies DVD CMH#50 Featuring Yum Thee Boss (38DD-28-49) - Yum Thee Boss has a crazy big round butt and she gets nude. It hard to imagine a butt this round but this really is her natural ass. Black women are really the curviest women on the planet. Yum Thee Boss is another model interested in doing hardcore porn. Seems we had 3 of them in this batch of DVD's. It funny too because the hardcore porn business is not what it used to be due to the collapse of DVD sales.

Brand :
Type of Nudity :
Implied Nude
Clip Content:
  • Dance (Ass Shaking & Stripping)
Clip Clothing:
  • Various Sexy Outfits
Clip Location:
Indoors (Various Rooms)
Body Type:
Big Butts