CM Hunnies DVD #39 Featuring Creole Barbie

ChocolateModels, Implied Nude, Dance (Ass Shaking & Stripping), Length 1 Hour 20 Minutes, DVD Disc (16:9 Widescreen)
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Creole Barbie DVD - 1 Hours 20 Minutes - Featuring 5 sexy new videos from Creole Barbie. Creole Barbie is a sexy dancer from the east coast but right after we did this shoot with her, she moved to California. Creole Barbie has a pretty face and a nice round butt and sexy boobs. Creole Barbie has been dancing for several years so she is not a rookie. She also has a lot of experience doing live webcam shows on some the largest webcam sites on the net. She has nice tits and ass.

Brand :
Type of Nudity :
Implied Nude
Clip Content:
  • Dance (Ass Shaking & Stripping)
Clip Clothing:
  • Various Sexy Outfits
Clip Location:
Indoors (Various Rooms)
Body Type:
Big Butts